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Essential strategies for legal compliance in cannabis HR

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Good morning.

For operators in New York, there was some welcome news this week.

Governor Kathy Hochul launched a top-down review of the cannabis roll-out so far, with changes almost certainly forthcoming. As well, New York will allocate $128 million in financial assistance to struggling cannabis farmers.

To dive deeper into New York, we were joined by Arana Hankin-Biggers, the Founder of The Travel Agency: A Cannabis Store, on Friday’s Cultivated Live. Hear what it’s like to operate in the New York market right now.

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Our partners at White Ash Group are putting together an industry Salary Guide, critical for both employers and employees in the sector.

But to make it as accurate and impactful as possible, they need your input.

If you are an employee in the sector, use this survey to log your responses:

And if you are one of the HR leaders in your organization, respond here:

For that complete the survey will be entered to win a $250.00 gift certificate or staff lunch for their company.

And tune in tomorrow at 10 am Eastern to hear from White Ash Group’s Graydon Welbourn about how both employees and employers will benefit from the Salary Guide’s findings. Streaming to YouTube and LinkedIn.

Essential strategies for legal compliance in cannabis HR

Especially in the cannabis industry when companies may have operations across a number of states and countries, navigating the complex landscape of employment law can be a daunting task for HR professionals and business owners alike.

With regulations constantly evolving, staying compliant is essential to protect both employees and the business from legal repercussions.

White Ash Group compiled some essential tips to help HR professionals avoid common legal pitfalls and maintain compliance.

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