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↗️ Navigating recruitment agency partnerships

This week's People Moves powered by White Ash Group

Good morning.

The 4/20 hangover took its toll on the industry last week, but provided for plenty of news about 4/20 overall sales results – and a healthy dose of inside-the-beltway cannabis policy posturing. 

Last week also gave us this choice quote: "I just don't think people should have to go to jail for smoking weed." Find out who said it »

Enjoy today’s People Moves powered by White Ash Group.

- Team Cultivated

Cannabis people moving up and moving in

  • Canadian cannabis firm Village Farms International is expanding its executive team, appointing Ann Gillin Lefever as chief operating officer, John Harloe as general counsel for global cannabis, and Paul Furfaro as president of global medical cannabis.

  • Appropriately announced on his favorite platform – LinkedIn – Jeremy Johnson, formerly of Dispense and Alpine IQ, announced that he’s leaving his position as Partnership Manager.

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Navigating recruitment agency partnerships

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, businesses often stand at a crossroads when considering collaborations with external consultants and recruitment firms. The decisions made during this pivotal process can significantly influence the success of your team.

So, how can you ensure you make informed decisions and select the right recruitment company to help you build a stellar team?

White Ash Group has compiled a comprehensive guide to aid you in making the right choice the first time around, saving you valuable time and resources.

Seeking your feedback

Our partners at White Ash Group are putting together an industry Salary Guide, critical for both employers and employees in the sector.

But to make it as accurate and impactful as possible, they need your input.

If you are an employee in the sector, use this survey to log your responses:

And if you are one of the HR leaders in your organization, respond here:

For that complete the survey will be entered to win a $250.00 gift certificate or staff lunch for their company.

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