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New Hampshire’s latest bite at the legalization apple

Plus, ~100 cannabis companies under federal investigation

Good morning.

Happy (?) Tax Day America! Of course, when it’s tax day, it’s a good time to shine the light on the fact that the Drug Enforcement Administration is still considering the cannabis rescheduling recommendation from the Department of Health and Human Services. 

But perhaps, there’s hope. Last week, Robert Califf, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration said there’s “no reason” for the Drug Enforcement Administration to delay rescheduling cannabis.

Here’s hoping it’s this week, in time for 4/20…

Let’s get to it.  

- Jeremy Berke & Jay Rosenthal

💡What’s the big deal?

New Hampshire’s latest bite at the legalization apple

Driving the news: A bill passed last week by the New Hampshire House of Representatives, which is now being considered in the state’s Senate, is facing the prospect of being vetoed by Governor Chris Sununu

Some context: New Hampshire is the lone New England state, and one of the lone holdouts in the Northeast, that does not yet have legal cannabis. 

Cultivated hosted one of the co-sponsors of the House bill in March, State Rep. Anita Burroughs, who said, “We’re seeing a conga line of cars going over the border everyday to get product.”

And, other Republican governors like Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin have vetoed legislature-passed legalization bills in recent weeks, too. 

What they’re saying now: The chief architect of the bill, Republican Rep. Erica Layon, pushed back on the Governor’s office after the bill passed the House, saying, “The bill that passed the House reflects the Governor’s guidelines as I understood them, until his last minute embrace of a franchise model…I made dozens of attempts to meet with the Governor and his staff to get into the policy details, but the best meeting I achieved was a walk-and-talk with him through the halls of the Capitol.”

What’s next: The bill is now being considered by the New Hampshire State Senate. 

If changes are made that would garner the governor’s signature, then New Hampshire could be added to the list of legal states. If not, expect it to be kicked further down the road. 

Join us: On tomorrow’s Cultivated Live on LinkedIn and YouTube, we’ll host leaders of the New Hampshire cannabis industry and legislators working on legalization. Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to YouTube so you don’t miss it. 10 am Eastern.  


🥊 Quick hits

Top Congressional officials, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Financial Services Chair Rep. Patrick McHenry, and Rep. Maxine Waters met last week to discuss attaching the SAFER Banking Act and stablecoin legislation to the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill that needs to pass before May 10, Politico reports

~100 cannabis companies, both plant-touching and ancillary, are apparently under investigation for taking COVID-relief funds during the pandemic, Marijuana Moment reports

A farm-owner in Dartmouth, Massachusetts is trying to get approval to create a Craft Marijuana Cooperatives — a special license-type in Massachusetts allowing for cultivation among many growers in one facility. The problem? The Town of Dartmouth is suing to stop the farmer from getting a license, per Talking Joints Memo

If you’re in New York City this Saturday, the New York Post has put together a helpful guide to how and where (and why!) to celebrate 4/20

Michiganders continue to have a (seemingly) insatiable appetite for cannabis. Another record sales month in March. It will be interesting to watch Ohio’s adult-use market’s impact on Michigan sales…

📈 Deals, launches, partnerships

Vangst, who released their 2023 jobs report last week, announced their acquisition of CannabizTemp, the temp staffing division of CannabizTeam

👏 People moves

Check out yesterday’s People Moves powered by White Ash Group to see the latest industry personnel moves, updated job listings, and insight into how (and if) ChatGPT can help with your resume and CV. Can ChatGPT help you craft your resume? »

📰 What we’re reading

😜 One fun thing

The real estate site Real Estate Witch partnered with Leafly to come up with the Best Weed Cities in America list. There are loads of criteria, but only one top spot, which goes to… drum roll please… Denver, Colorado. Hard to argue with that. Nut we know cannabis folks will do just that.

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