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The cost of hiring the wrong person in cannabis

This week's People Moves powered by White Ash Group

Good morning.

A bit of history was made during 12-seconds of President Biden’s State of the Union this past week. If you haven’t heard his thoughts, we caught them for you here.

We caught a lot more this week too, with a deep dive into New Hampshire’s legalization efforts with Representative Anita Burrough’s, the Democratic co-sponsor of New Hampshire’s legalization bill.

And with that, enjoy this week’s People Moves powered by White Ash Group.

Team Cultivated

The cost of hiring the wrong person

Hiring the right people is a critical aspect of building a successful and thriving business. The process of recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding requires time, effort, and resources.

However, the cost of making a hiring mistake can be far more detrimental than many businesses realize.

White Ash Group explored the often-overlooked expenses associated with hiring the wrong person and how it can result in a significant loss of money for your company. read more >>

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