UN gave Canadian cannabis a shrug

Plus, Governor DeSantis calls cannabis radical

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💡What’s the big deal?

Poking holes in a key Republican argument

All quiet on the UN front: In an interview with a French reporter, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reflected on cannabis legalization. And it turns out, running afoul of the United Nations’ Single Convention on Narcotics Drug hasn’t been an issue…at all.

What he said: In the interview, shared on X by @weedstreet420, Trudeau said, “The only downside we were extremely worried about was that it would place us in non-compliance with certain international treaties on drug control. We thought they could punish Canada because we're not aligned with the treaties. But nobody talked to us about this, they were interested and looking at what we were doing."

Why it matters: Remember last week when three prominent Senate Republicans wrote a letter to the Drug Enforcement Administration about rescheduling? Their argument against rescheduling was that rescheduling may contravene United Nations’ Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs

Last week, we wrote: “For what it’s worth, two other G7 economies, Canada and Germany, have plowed ahead with legalization without any serious pushback from the UN.”

Now, Trudeau has confirmed it hasn’t been an issue.

What’s next? We continue to wait for the DEA to make up their rescheduling mind. Some folks in the cannabis industry believe that the DEA has a sense of humor and are waiting until right before 4/20 to announce rescheduling. 

But those that follow the DEA closely know that “humor” and “DEA” don’t belong in the same sentence. So we continue to humorlessly wait…


💬 Quotable

The political implications of Florida voters heading to the polls to vote on cannabis legalization (and enshrining abortion rights) are still shaking out. But Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is loudly taking sides. CBS in Miami reported DeSantis said

“Once voters figure out how radical both of those are, they're going to fail. They are very, very extreme…It's basically a license to have it anywhere you want. So no time, place, and manner restrictions. This state will start to smell like marijuana in our cities and towns…”

It’s getting spicy in Florida!

What happens in St. Louis may not stay in St. Louis

Driving the news: A group of workers at a BeLeaf Medical cannabis cultivation facility in St. Louis have been trying to unionize since September. BeLeaf Medical, for their part, has been arguing that the group of “post-harvest workers” aiming to unionize are agricultural workers.

A bit deeper: Agricultural workers are not covered by 1935 National Labor Relations Act – which ensures employees' right to organize. This issue between employees and BeLeaf has been ruled on twice this year by the National Labor Relations Board - and both times in the employees favor, according to reporting in the Missouri Independent

Why it matters: Industry insiders are watching this issue in Missouri closely. Because what happens with this employee group in St. Louis, might have national implications for similar unionization efforts by similar employee groups around the country. And, as with any new industry, when precedents are set in one jurisdiction, it can have a lasting and broad impact. 

What’s next? BeLeaf has filed a request to the five-member National Labor Relations Board to take up this issue. Assuming the Board hears the request, the industry will be following very closely. 

Cultivated will update you accordingly. 


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